The Best Places To Eat In Kingstown,St. Vincent’s

What says paradise more than great food on sandy beaches? The country Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is known as a Caribbean paradise. Many visitors flock to Kingstown, its capital, to “get away from it all”. Yet let us admit that this desire is also colored by the need for modern convenience and a little bit of pampering. At St. Vincent’s, travelers get to have a little bit of both with some incredible restaurants. Listed below is a list of some of the best restaurants to visit when in Kingstown.


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The French Verandah : Located at the Mariners Hotel in Young Island Cut, Villa Beach, The French Verandah offers a romantic dining experience as guests eat world-class food on a waterfront terrace. True to its name, the restaurant offers delicious French cuisine. Locals love the soup selection here (hot French onion, fish with aioli, pumpkin, or callaloo and conch) or the escargots. Other favorites include stuffed crab back, conch salad, shellfish grilled with fresh herbs, garlic butter and lime, or creole sauce. While most people come here for lunch, the restaurant also serves a full seaside breakfast.

Young Island Resort Restaurant : This is the perfect place for young couples who want more privacy. The restaurant is reached by ferry from Villa Beach and welcomes lovers with stone paths that lead to candlelit tables. The entire dining area is surrounded by gentle waves. Most importantly, the food is a five-course, fixed-priced selection of grilled seafood, roasted pork, beef tenderloin, duck breast, and sauteed chicken. Couples are also treated to a variety of fresh vegetables and freshly-made bread.

Sapodilla Room : Considered the classic dining room of the Grenadine House, guests are treated to a small but carefully curated menu of dishes that combine Creole, Caribbean, and American flavors. The restaurant is great for those who want a more casual vibe.

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There are other great restaurants in the area, but locals swear by these three. It would be a good idea to check any of these out when one visits!

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